Can you believe it is that time again? 2021 has certainly flown by quickly. As with last year, Covid is still causing many challenges and changes. 

We will be distributing prepacked Thanksgiving boxes again and, starting November 1st, will need help packing the boxes. This is a fun and excellent way for you, the family, or a business/organization to help our community. Please sign up on our Donate Time form and check the ‘Thanksgiving Box Packing’ under the ‘Time Slot’ question.

Another challenge is gathering all the food for our planned 2000 Thanksgiving boxes. We already have all of the cream of mushroom soup we need. But still need almost everything else. Please check the Donate Food signup to see what we still need and to make a donation. 

And if you prefer to help financially, monetary donations are always welcome. 100% of the money donated to the 2021 Thanksgiving Food Drive will go toward buying food for the Thanksgiving boxes and we have become skilled at stretching food dollars as far as possible.

We realize that times are lean for everyone which increase the challenge of and need for out Thanksgiving Food Drive. We welcome all donations of food, money and/or your time. Every bit helps. A reminder, all donations are tax deductible and we are happy to provide receipts upon request.

I always love the Thanksgiving program, as I get to experience our community coming together and forgetting differences for the common cause of making sure all have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with their loved ones. No matter what is going on in the world or locally, every year people have rallied around this cause and gone to extraordinary efforts to see that is works. It really is amazing and a shining example to other communities on how to be!

We all at Pantry 279 want to thank you for every Facebook post share, every can of food, every hour of time, and every dollar donated. We are extremely humbled and excited to be in such a gracious community. We also want to wish all a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!


Cindy Chavez
Director, Pantry 279, the Pantry with TLC

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