Pantry 279 loves all of our supporters. Every person and organization that gives of their time, money and resources are essential in helping us feed our community. While we couldn’t survive without the dedication and help of all of our supports, some have gone above and beyond and shown us what it is to be part of the heart of our community.

trinity lutheran church logo

Trinity Lutheran Church provides us with our space and utilities which is literally the foundation of all we do to serve our community.

chads repair logo

Chad’s Auto Repair and Towing not only keep our van running smoothly, they volunteer in person too!

hardin septic logo

The pantry is on city sewer which deprives the pantry the pleasure of their service. This doesn’t deter Hardin Septic and they have been a long time generous supporter.

tks logo

Have you seen what spring mud, winter slush and everyday dirt do to a our van? Probably not, because TKS Auto Detailing keeps the pantry van looking shiny and sharp.

capital realty logo

Capital Realty is a staunch supporter that has always been swift to aid us when we are in need. Their managing broker, Carole Damon, is an amazing super woman.

cross roads united methodist logo

Crossroads United Methodist Church has been there for us since almost the very beginning. Faithfully sending food and donations every month.

ellettsville christian church logo

The Ellettsville Christian Church has been a long time supporter providing us with donations and volunteers and supporters of our Pantry 279 van.

zion community church logo

Not only does the Zion Church of the Nazarene make donations every month. But at a moments notice will send a large group of hard working supportive volunteers.

ellettsville seventh day adventist logo

The Ellettsville Seventh Day Adventist Church has been a wonderfully supportive church with bountiful donations and frequent volunteers

maple grove christian church logo

Maple Grove Christian Church is a reliable supporter has been a champion of our Thanksgiving meal boxes from the very beginning

richard bean blossom community schools logo

The Edgewood Richard Bean Blossom Community Schools from the primary grades through to the high school have been huge supporters since day one. Which isn’t surprising considering that Pantry 279 was founded by a group of girls from Edgewood Jr High.

sciremc logo

South Central Indiana REMC is a generous supporter of our Pantry van.

faith lutheran logo

Faith Lutheran has been a huge supporter from the beginning. They always support our annual Thanksgiving and Christmas programs. They make substaintial monthly large food and monitary donations. And in addition to everything else they help with they are working very hard to aid use getting a building of our own!