Elf Dispatch Terms of Use and Changes for 2022

ELF Dispatch is a Child’s gifting program. Parents can sign up children 0-17 to get gifts. The Head Elf and Pantry 279 will then attempt to “match” those children with “Santas” who will then get gifts for them, wrap them and either delivery them or bring them to a location to be given by ELF Dispatch for pick up by parents. Please review and follow these policies. Not following these policies will result in your child being removed from the list and you being Banned from all future programs.

  1. Only use 1 gift giving service. You many not sign your child up for us AND the Salvation Army, Toys, for Tots, Toys for Kids, or thru the school/churches to receive help. This is considered Double Dipping. We understand this is a risk, as there is no guarantee of a match, but we have so many kids whom are signed up, double dipping will not be tolerated.
  2. You MUST provide proof that the child is yours and in your custody ( or you are a Grandparent of that child and parents have not signed up thru us ) birth certificates, Facebook evidence, school enrollment info, letter from parent with phone number so we can verify, child’s social security card, something.
    Last year we had a couple of people who were signing up fake kids or neighbors kids.
  3. While Grandparents are welcome to sign up their Grandchildren, they may NOT due so if they parent has already signed them up.
  4. THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE YOUR CHILD WILL GET A MATCH! You must understand that while we try our very best, working around the clock, there is no guarantee your child will be matched. Everything depends on how many Santas we get. Last year we matched 907 children, but 200 still did not get a match.
  5. If we catch you selling you child’s gifts online or other wise, no matter what the reason, you will be Banned from all future programming. Santas are hard to find and take great time and pride in what they get your child. While they are thrilled to help, when they see that gift online for sale a few days later, it ruins it for them and they will never be back. Not only are you killing it for your child, but countless others as well. We Elves LIVE online and WILL see it. We also have people that constantly send us links when they find something fishy online.
  6. When you pick up your child’s gifts from ELF Dispatch, DO NOT unwrap them in the parking lot to compare with others, or attempt to take them back to stores. In the past, this has left paper and trash all over the parking lot. Also tags have been removed or had black lines drawn thru. The stores know this is what we do and will not take them back. IF you have a size problem, contact the head ELF and she will get it exchanged for you. Santas take a lot of time and expense in wrapping these and do not appreciate unwrapping by anyone but that child.
  7. Complaining and tantrum throwing due to someone else getting “more than your child” WILL NOT be tolerated! You don’t know what is going on with someone else’s family. They may have 4-7 children they are picking up for, while you have 2. Also, we have no control over what a Santa buys nor how much they spend. Some Santas can only afford a small amount, but want to make sure no child goes without Christmas, while others go crazy! Complaining and tantrums will result in removal from all future programs.
  8. Going online to complain or lie on social media to attempt to get your children more gifts OR to get you more things to sell, will not be tolerated and will not only get you removed from future programs BUT will more than likely get you Blocked from those pages online.
  9. You MUST pick up your child’s gifts on the day and time scheduled for you. We understand things can happen and accept proxies whom have a note signed with a phone number from you and a copy of your ID. You must stay in your car and gifts will be brought out to you and put in your trunk. You must have your trunk CLEANED OT, as we can’t move things or stuff things in there. Uncleaned out cars will result in asking you to come back later when it’s cleaned out.
  10. Policies are subject to change at anytime due to COVID, or the ELF remembering other unpleasantnesses that happened last year.

We know this sounds like a lot, and 98% of you would never dream of some of these things. Sadly, this happened last year and almost resulted in ELF Dispatch being shut down permanently. We want everyone to have FUN with this program! We want Santas to have a great time and know they are doing something magical for others. We want kids to have a the “best Christmas Ever” and we want parents to be able to enjoy a stress-free Christmas. Please respect these policies and every one have a Magical Christmas!!