ELF Dispatch Santa Signup

ELF Dispatch Santa Signup

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    Sign up to be a Santa:

    Thank you for being the most important part of ELF Dispatch. Although we get to play elves, YOU get to be the Big Guy! Our Head Elf works very hard to try and match you with a child(ren) that you will have a great time getting gifts for, so please give us as much information as possible for a good match.

    We encourage Santas to make this a day with family and friends; go out to a meal, shop at a leisurely pace, and the finish the experience with gift wrapping to a movie with hot cocoa. This can be a wonderful bonding and teaching moment for your own children, or make fantstic memories with family members, co-workers, or good friends.

    There is no limit as to what you choose to get your child. Some Santas get 2-3 items, other go crazy and get 20. We provide you with the child’s first name, gender, age, favorite color, ALL sizes, including shoes and a few things they have asked for or are into.

    If you are worried that something may need to be exchanged, you can give the receipts to the pantry to hold. If you should have questions, feel free to contact the Head Elf and she will contact the parent for an answer. We NEVER share information between Santas and parents without the permissions of all parties involved.

    Some Santas ask if they can pick up a gift card, groceries, or something for the parent. This is up to you, it is NOT required.

    We ask that you have all gifts wrapped and tagged with the child’s name, and delivered to Pantry 279 between the 15th and 19th of December.

    If you belong to an organization that would like to donate extra toys, candy, winter clothing, stocking stuffers, etc, that is wonderful. We offer those donations to children on the waiting list.

    Please make sure you get a reply from the Head Elf with each communication so you know we have received it.

    As we know many Santas have extremely busy lives, especially this time of year. We have elves who go shopping for unmatched children when any money donated in December. Monetary donations can be made through the website made through the website , mailed or brought to Pantry 279 at 501 E Temperance, Elletesville, IN 27429, through Paypal to pantry279@yahoo.com, or through Venmo to pantry279.

    Thank you SO very much for being a Santa and making sure a child, or children, have a magical Chirstmas this year!

    **** End ELF Dispatch Communication ****

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